Bézier Extraction

Perhaps the most important concept to understand in smooth-spline FEA is called Bézier Extraction – extraction of the piecewise Bézier elements (composed of Bernstein polynomials) that constitute a basis-spline (aka B-spline). One can actually extract any arbitrary family of piecewise elements (e.g. Lagrange), but we’ll cover that in a future post. The Bézier extraction processContinue reading “Bézier Extraction”

About the Blog

After graduating from RPI in 2012 I began working as a finite element analyst in support of my employer’s manufacturing mission. In 2016 I began investigating a flavor of the finite element method called isogeometric analysis (IGA), which eventually led to a full-fledged research project into the method. The project consisted primarily of a collaborationContinue reading “About the Blog”