Monthly Update — March 2020

Well, March was an interesting month. Between the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down BYU campus, transitioning to online classes, hitting the homestretch for classes, turning 31(!), and work obligations, I found some time to work through the orthoplanar spring problem in Coreform Flex and Crunch. Below is a video I captured of my first start-to-finish simulationContinue reading “Monthly Update — March 2020”

Monthly Update — Feb 2020

Coreform Short-Course In February, Coreform held its second short-course, which I attended. It was fairly similar to the last short-course, though a bit more polished. The biggest difference, however, was the unveiling of their beta version of Flex preprocessing software — which is built on the Trelis meshing software they obtained through their acquisition ofContinue reading “Monthly Update — Feb 2020”

Monthly update – Jan 2020

January was a bit of a slow month – most of my thesis time was spent on building some exemplar CAD models and constructing example finite element meshes on them. I’ve sent the meshes to the rest of Dr. Scott’s research team to begin discussing maturity of their production code for handling the various volumetricContinue reading “Monthly update – Jan 2020”